We are active participants for many major commercial and private insurance plans. Some insurance plans may carve out their mental health benefits, so it is important to check with your insurer by specifically asking about your mental health benefits. To ensure payment from your insurance company, check to make sure the doctor or therapist you wish to see is covered through your mental health benefits

Please note that we are not in-network with Medicaid

FAQ Billing Questions

Do you bill a secondary insurance?

We only bill Medicare Part B secondary insurance. If you would like to bill your secondary insurance, we are able to provide you a claim form so you may file with your insurance company.

Do you bill out of network insurance?

We do not bill out of network insurances but would be happy to assist you in getting a claim form to submit to your insurance company should you choose to use your benefits. 

Do you have a sliding fee scale?

We do not offer a sliding fee scale.

Am I able to be seen if I do not have insurance?

Yes, we are able to take patient's at a self-pay rate. Please contact the office for these prices.

Why have I not received a bill for my balance?

Once your insurance company has processed your claim, you will receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company. This is available at the same time our office receives payment and therefore, you are responsible for any balances. We only send bills out once a month but your account balance is always available through the online portal to view.