Terms of telemedicine/teletherapy

Who can use this?

Patient's who are already established with the practice are able to use this form of medicine and therapy. This option is only in place while insurance companies have agreed to pay for virtual visits. Once the insurance companies feel that it is safe to come to appointments, they will no longer allow for us to provide this service to you.

How does it work?

We must have patient consent on file for us to be able to provide this service to you. At the bottom of this page you access access the form send it to our practice via e-mail. We have opened a temporary e-mail address to accept these consents. As there are many patient's wishing to utilize virtual visits, we ask that you call the office once you have sent the form to confirm receipt and ask any follow-up questions. 

I have more questions

Review the document below for "Check-In Information" for instructions on how the virtual visits work. We would be happy to review any additional questions that you may have including devices that can be used by contacting the office at (614) 759-5075.